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What Is The Value Of A Birthday Cake?

What Is The Value Of A Birthday Cake?
As with many other businesses, here at Fen Regis Trophies in Peterborough, we celebrate employees birthdays and often enjoy birthday cake to celebrate the occasion but isn’t celebrating a birthday a bit weird when you think about it? You’re celebrating the day you were born, and if we’re honest we are then celebrating the fact you are alive, year after year?
Of course everyone loves having a birthday, no matter how old or young you are. Your birthday is an exciting day and you feel really special all day long because your birthday is ‘your day’. You will have birthday cake, people will buy you cards and gifts and it will be a wonderful day.
But we’re celebrating the day you were born and that same day for many years after, why make a big deal about the day you were born? You’ve not really achieved anything other than staying alive for another year? But hey, it’s fun! No matter the reason a celebration is always welcome.
So why not make a bigger deal out of something that is an achievement, something that someone has worked hard to achieve and put in a great deal of effort? This may be securing a huge range of new clients, improving the business, being a great player in a sports team or anything. If you’re going to have a celebration for ‘being alive’ then why not celebrate real achievements?
Nobody was ever hurt by too many pats on the back, words of congratulations and acknowledgement for their hard work so why not look at those that really are achieving something special in your workplace or organisation and think about how you can congratulate them. A glass award is often a great idea as it’s a permanent reminder that their hard work is noticed.
Alternatively in a business you can celebrate the business of the birthday but also class an employee’s birthday as the day they joined the company, giving them a glass recognition award with the length of service on the front can be a really nice touch and will result in that special ‘birthday feeling’ – especially when you add a cake to celebrations too!