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What To Do After You’ve Won A Glass Award

Congratulations, you’ve been recognised for all your hard work and efforts and you’ve been given a stunning glass award as recognition but what do you do now? Of course you’ll want to see all the photos of you receiving the gorgeous glass award, you’ll want to find somewhere to put the magnificent glass award and you’ll want to tell all your friends and family members that you have won this spectacular glass award but there’s something else that you may have forgotten.
You need to write a thank you note for the glass award that you have won, of course during the event you will have personally thanked the award committee, those that organised the event, maybe those that nominated you and those that presented the award to you but now it’s time to take your gratitude to the next level by sitting down and creating a thank you note that will show your appreciation.
A handwritten note will create the most impact, but you need to make sure you have a neat writing style that is legible, but if you are pressed for time or have a poor handwriting style it may be best to create a printed thank you note.
When writing the thank you letter you need to think if you want to write it in a formal or informal style, whichever you choose make sure you stick to that style throughout. For a formal letter opt for Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc but if you know the award committee well than use a name for a more personal approach.
Within the first paragraph you need to express your thanks to the organiser of the award and perhaps the sponsor of the award too. Then use the second paragraph to be more specific about the award, your background and what receiving the prestigious glass award meant to you. Then use the last paragraph to repeat your thanks and explain how you will go forward to continue working as hard.
It is really important that you send the thank you letter for the award within 2 weeks of receiving the award.