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Which Is Better, Glass Awards or Flowers?

Which Is Better, Glass Awards or Flowers? – Fen Regis Trophies
When someone is unwell or struggling with ill health the standard gift is a bunch of flowers. They brighten the room, bring a smile to the receivers face and could even be a sign to represent spring, new growth or a fresh start… but if someone is or has been really ill is there something better to give than flowers?
When someone is badly injured or becomes extremely unwell they will usually end up in hospital. During their time at hospital they are often faced with a big decision, if they can fight off the illness or recover from the injury or if they should just give up all hope then and there.
To fight or repair from an illness or an injury the person will go through some tough personal struggles and self doubt. The healing process and subsequent recovery can often require a lot of personal sacrifices as well as changes in their lifestyle and often some very hard rehabilitation work too. Some may compare the struggle to an athlete preparing for an endurance challenge but there is a difference.
When the athlete prepares they are envisioning the light at the end of the tunnel, seeing their successes in front of them and envisioning themselves holding the trophy they have won. When you are struggling with a serious illness or injury it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel and there is certainly no award for their struggles but why not?
If we hear that our nearest and dearest are unwell we give them flowers, of course it is a nice gesture but a week later when the flowers have died what is left? When someone battles a serious and sometimes life threatening ordeal they deserve so much more – a medal at least surely?
Why not create the trend where glass awards are created for those that have successfully won the battle of health, this award will show that we recognise the struggle they have been through and it will congratulate them on their win. Every time they see the award it will remind them of what they can really achieve and encourage them to continue fighting.
So what do you think, could glass awards be the new flowers?