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Why Are Personalised Gifts Great For Christmas?

Here at Fen Regis Trophies we are always pretty busy throughout the year, usually with large orders for award ceremonies and large sporting events – but when Christmas comes the phones are ringing off the hook with requested for personalised Christmas gifts, bespoke Christmas presents and thoughtful tokens of appreciation. So it got us thinking, why are personalised gifts great for Christmas?
The problem with Christmas, and birthdays in fairness, is that the receiver will receive lots of presents and there are a few things you don’t want to happen with your present;
• You don’t want them to get the same present from someone else
• You don’t want them to hate it
• You don’t want them to already have the same thing
• You don’t want them to have got the same thing for you
A personalised gift for Christmas can resolve this issue, they won’t already have it from somebody else, well not exactly the same, because you will have personalised it with a message from you or a logo of something that is personal to you both.
You know they won’t hate it because it will be a high quality gift, chosen and purchased with love and the thoughtful message will make the Christmas gift at least twice as special. Plus, if you choose a glass or tankard then you could give them some alcohol too and who doesn’t like alcohol?
They won’t already have the same gift in their home, because this a personalised gift from you and a bespoke gift for them, unless of course you have been silly enough to get them the same gorgeous personalised and bespoke glass gift once before?
It’s extremely unlikely that your friend will have got you the same gift as well, but if they have it will be just as special for you because it will also be bespoke and personal to you, with an engraving that suits the relationship you and your friend have.
Why not choose personalised bespoke glass gifts for your friends and family this year?