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Why Buy Glass Awards and Glass Trophies?

As many of you know, corporate awards and trophies are essential when it comes to awarding individuals in the corporate sector. Trophies and awards are a brilliant way of acknowledging team members for achieving brilliant things, but why opt for glass trophies and glass awards?
Further to advances in modern technology, engraving on glass awards and glass trophies has been made much easier, the etchings are accurate and deeper – making glass awards look more prestigious and high quality. Previously engraving could only be done on metal, but now engraving can be done on glass awards and crystal trophies too, with no risk of damage to the glass or crystal.
Having an engraved glass trophy makes the award that little bit more special, it makes it personal and a bit sentimental too. These feelings cannot be achieved with a glass trophy or award that has not been engraved.
Although glass has been around for many years, glass trophies and glass awards are still pretty new in the trophy and award industry and that’s why they are so popular at the moment. Many companies are opting for glass awards and glass trophies because they look elegant, sophisticated, futuristic and trendy.
When glass is displayed it looks sparkly and offers crystal-clear reflections that can be seen in all directions. We offer a wide range of glass trophies and awards as well as crystal glass awards and trophies that scream elegance and glamour. They are a real honour to behold and the receiver of a high quality, weighty glass award or glass trophy is sure to beam with pride.
If you would like to hear more about the advantages of a glass award or glass trophy then feel free to give us a call. We have a team of glass award specialists that are happy to answer any of your questions, offering advice and guidance on the best award of trophy for you.