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Why Do We Give Glass Awards And Trophies?

Why Do We Give Glass Awards And Trophies?
If you have been looking through our website at all the amazing trophies and glass awards you may find yourself wondering why schools, industries, businesses, clubs and groups actually give glass awards and trophies. Well if you have then this is the blog post for you;
The main reason we award others with glass awards and trophies is to help other build confidence in themselves and to create a positive outcome for the hard work and excellent effort that was put in to gain the achievement and achieve success.
Very often we will reward an individual with a trophy or glass award if they have shown exceptional performance, this will then motivate that individual to continue bettering themselves, trying hard and achieving more so they can receive this level of gratification again.
By giving a glass award or trophy you are building confidence in that person and it will give them a positive reinforcement that can be associated with your chosen set of performance factors, which could be the vision or aims of the company, group, organisation or industry.
Another benefit of giving others glass awards and trophies is the potential to create a positive learning environment for those around you, showing that hard work and effort is recognised and will not go unnoticed. This will then ensure that those around you will feel their hard work and effort will be noticed and they will continue striving to do the best they can.
It has also been proven many times that the awarding of trophies and glass awards increases motivation. When you set a target for a group of people and offer a reward for the one that is first to meet that target or exceeds that target the furthest by a chosen date you will find that it will be key factor in their motivation.
You can give glass awards and trophies for so many different reasons including sports, education and business.