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Why Give Glass Awards

Why Give Glass Awards
In your workplace there will be many different factors that motivate employees and individuals, you’ll know that everyone in your workplace is different and this means that different things motivate them too.
The main things that motivate people are financial reasons such as pay rises, commission or bonuses, power in the form of promotions or titles, opportunity to grow within a business by being promoted or the ability to contribute to the business and know that their thoughts and opinions are appreciated and listened to.
Another major factor that employees and individuals are motivated by is the power of recognition.
Employees within your business that feel good about their abilities and skills within your business, those that they feel their contributions to the business are recognised and noticed will be more likely to be happy employees who are content in their roles and is recognised will feel motivated.
When a member of your team is recognised for their efforts or hard work that has helped your business achieve more they will be keen to continue pleasing you and they will continue in their desire to excel in the workplace.
By giving glass awards to those staff members within your business that are motivated by recognition you will be retaining good employees and personnel. The importance of retaining existing strong skills and staff members within a business is sometimes over looked, but with a glass award and maybe an awards ceremony you will soon have motivated staff members who want to stay with your business and help you achieve more for the business.
The small cost of a glass award or glass trophy to present to a hard worker within your business should not be over looked, especially when you think how much it would cost in not just money but also money, to replace an unhappy member of the team who left your business as they didn’t feel that their hard work was recognised and went unnoticed.
Contact our team of glass award specialists now to see how they can help save your valuable employees leaving your business.