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Why Give Trophies?

Businesses, sports group, companies and organisations all over the world present people or teams with trophies but have you ever wondered why? Why are trophies, awards and medals given to people and teams?
The obvious reason for a glass trophy or an engraved glass award to be given it to build confidence in that person or team, while creating a positive outcome from the hard effort they have put in to win the award or trophy.
When you reward an individual or a team with a glass trophy or an engraved glass award because of their exceptional performance levels it promotes that individual, or team, to continue bettering themselves to continue gaining the gratification for a job well done. Receiving an award or trophy also promotes positive reinforcement that can then be associated and linked with a set of performance factors.
Another benefit of rewarding with engraved glass trophies and glass awards is to create the potential of a positive learning environment. When you reward individuals with trophies and awards for their good performance they will feel as though their efforts have been recognised and their hard work noticed. This will encourage them to strive to exceed your expectations by working harder.
The method of giving glass awards and engraved glass trophies can be applied to sports, education and business because the awarding of engraved glass trophies increases motivation. When you set a target for a group of people or a team and you are offering an award or trophy to the one that meets the target or excels above the rest will often be a key factor to the motivation of the team or group.
If you would like to know more about the engraved glass trophies and personalised glass awards that we offer please feel free to give us a call, we are always happy to offer advice and guidance on the best awards for you and how they can help you motivate your team or individuals.