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Why Go To An Awards Ceremony?

Why Go To An Awards Ceremony?
Awards ceremonies appeal to a wider audience than just those that have been nominated for a glass award or who are due to receive the glass award. It’s important that you give the guests to the award ceremony what they expect. They will expect some or all of the following;
• An opportunity to network, guests will seize the opportunity to mix and mingle with those they admire and look up to. Consider this when table planning and encourage networking throughout the event. You may want to consider networking drinks as an after-party.

• Your guests will expect to be entertained, this could be celebrities, comedians, musicians, magicians or anything else that will entertain them while the awards ceremony is not taking place. You want an event with a buzz.

• Guests attending your event will expect to be fed and watered, normally a sit down meal before the awards are presented. A bottle of wine, or two, on the table on arrival is expected and then dependant on your budget drinks can be provided or purchased after this time.

• Industry speakers are often well received, especially someone who is closely linked to the content of the awards or someone who has won the award before. A good speaker adds additional value to a well organised event.

• Judge and Panels Q&A is something that goes down really well, normally taking place after the glass awards have been given it gives the judges and their panels a chance to say what they were looking for and why the feel the winner deserved the glass award.

• You may find a master of ceremony is very useful in co-ordinating the event and ensuring it runs smoothly with on-going entertainment throughout the awards ceremony evening.

Now you know what you’re guests are expecting from the event you can move on to what the award winners are expecting – give us a call to discuss the best glass awards for your awards cerrmony.