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Why Opt For Bevelled Edge Awards

Why Opt For Bevelled Edge Awards
Here at Fen Regis Trophies we sell a hundreds of glass trophies and awards every year, helping a wide range of clients, including sports clubs, businesses, industry experts, event organisers, schools and more, find the right glass awards that suit their needs and their budget.
One of our most popular glass awards is the Oval Cut Glass Award, this is a stunning glass award with a large area for engraving and personalisation, but what really sets it apart is the bevelled edge around the outside of the face of the Oval Cut Glass Award.
The bevelled edge on a glass award is often unusual in glass award designs which means it is an asset to the glass award that helps it stand out, it also gives an opportunity for natural lighting, indoor lighting or display cabinet lighting to catch the bevelled edges of the glass award creating a glass award that really sparkles and grabs attention, which is ideal under the lights of an award ceremony or corporate event.
As well as attracting more light and making the glass award sparkle, but in rooms or spaces where there is less light, the light will reflect off of the bevelled edges around the room, to really light up a room or space easily and with beauty. A bevelled edge glass award is also aesthetically pleasing, the slants catch and refract the lights and at certain angles this can create a rainbow effect through the prism that is created.
Due to the design and style of the bevelled edge on the Oval Cut Glass Award it will also look like this glass award is larger than other glass awards that are the same size because of the bevelled edges. These bevelled edges create a feeling of spaciousness and result in the illusion that the glass award is bigger – offering even better value for money on a glass award that is already classed as a cheap glass award!