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Why Should Ad Agencies Enter Business Awards?

Why Should Ad Agencies Enter Business Awards?
It’s very easy to knock awards, they’re all about vanity and egos, they can sometimes cost money to enter and therefore feed the egos of those with deep enough pockets – but then if they are just an ego boost why do ad agencies pay so much money entering them?
In the ad industry awards have become an acceptable metric for measuring the quality and success of a company and the standard of their output. An award is used to compare one ad agency against another, looking at those that work for the agency, their clients and the success stories they have achieved.
An award in the ad industry is the key to career progression; it is the means in which business owners attract the attention of those who they may want to recruit ion the future, and also for those that want to win the attention of a potential employer.
Awards can play an enormous amount in the attraction and retention of talent for your business; you may notice that many ad agencies use this as their main selling point. For businesses that have won an award this will often be their most valuable asset because an agency that is winning an awards is an agency people was to work with and work for.
Customers feel that the best ad agency is the one that wins the most awards and therefore an award winning ad agency will be one that clients want to give their business too. An award is won for a reason; it shows the winner has credibility and methodology, achieving successes in all they do.
If you are an ad agency considering entering an award think Churchill and his famous quote about democracy – awards are the worst possible way to evaluate creativity, except for all the others.
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