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Why Should Employers Enter Their Employees For Awards?

Why Should Employers Enter Their Employees For Awards? –
There are all sorts of business awards out there to be won, locally, nationally and internationally but there are also awards out there that are up for grabs for employees. In this blog post we want to share with you the reasons we think that you, as an employer, should put your employees forward for business awards.
Firstly, whether your employee wins or loses the award it is a wonderful and very public way to show your appreciation for a member of staff that works for you, recognising their efforts and hard work while raising the morale with staff members within your business.
Make the effort to look through awards that are available and carefully select the employees in your business that are worthy of winning the awards. This gives you a chance to take the time to think about what the employee has bought to your business, how they have helped others within your company and how they have helped your business and team succeed.
When the employee finds out they have been nominated for an award by you they will feel both surprised and excited, but they will also feel recognised and even overwhelmed. They will get a chance to see what you really think of them and these will often be the things you don’t get the chance to say to them face to face, due to busy workloads.
If your employee is a finalist for the award or gets shortlisted for the award there will be some fabulous PR and media opportunities allowing you to share the amazing talent within your business with your local area and industry.
When the employee goes on to win the award just imagine the sense of pride and loyalty the employee will have towards you and your business – and a sparkling, elegant and sophisticated glass award will look brilliant in your office too!