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Writing An Acceptance Speech For An Awards Ceremony

Writing An Acceptance Speech For An Awards Ceremony
Here at Fen Regis Trophies we are often contacted by those that have been nominated for an award, for ideas on how they can create the perfect acceptance speech for when they receive their glass award. For these people, who feel they have a well deserved glass award coming their way, we have put together this blog post, to help you write your acceptance speech.
Open With Thanks
Start your acceptance speech by thanking everyone involved in giving you the award, such as the sponsors of the award, those that nominated you and those that have supported you to help you achieve this award.
Be Honoured
State how honoured you are to receive an award like this; you must convey your gratitude for everyone’s time. You should have at least 1 or 2 sentences on this part.
Share Your Thoughts
Talk about how humbled you feel by the whole experience while making sure you don’t come across like you definitely deserved the award, were entitled to it or superior to others. Try and aim for around 1-3 sentences for this part.
Be Inspirational
Use this chance to share an inspirational quote you have heard or try and personalise your speech with an anecdote. Aim for roughly 2-3 sentences for this area.
Thank Support
Thank those that supported you, chances are you didn’t do it on your own. By thanking those that helped you, they will be willing to help you in the future. Again, aim for 1 or 2 sentences.
Thank Everyone
This is a chance to thank friends, family and loved ones. This tends to be one long sentence and ideally will include specifics to show that you noticed that they cared.
End The Thanks
Let the audience know that your speech is coming to an end, using one sentence to summarise with a general statement of how everyone helped you.
End With Thanks
Make the last impression one of gratitude; make the final thanks very brief.
Worst case scenario, if you don’t get the award you feel you deserve you can always order a high quality glass award from us, with the engraving of your choice?