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Writing An Award Nomination Letter

Nominating a colleague, friend, a family member of someone in your community for a glass award is a public declaration. It is you saying that you think this person is worthy of recognition for the hard work they have put in. A nomination letter for an award gives you the chance to explain why you want to recommend someone for the award, convincing the award committee that the person you are putting forward for the award is the most deserving of the award.
When writing an award nomination letter though there are lots of things you need to consider, we have put these pointers together for you so you can make sure that the person you nominate gets the prestigious glass award.
Firstly make sure you start the award nomination letter early on, you want to do your background research, find out who is on the judges panel and the sorts of things they are looking for personally as well as the criteria for the award.
You could discuss the award with the person you want to nominate or you could keep it as a surprise, but try and put the idea past them so you can get a feeling of their thoughts on the award and if they feel they are worthy of it.
Outline your nomination letter for the award, organising specifics and focusing on numbers. How many events have they organised, how much money have they raised, how many people were involved and such like. These facts and figures will help you illustrate your points.
Draft out the nomination letter beginning with an introduction of the person and why you feel they are the best person for the award and why you think you are qualified for nominating them. It is important you keep this letter short and to the point, keeping the tone professional at all times.
Have a chat with friends and colleagues and see if you can collect supporting letters of other people who may also think the person you have chosen is worthy of the award. Give these people a clear idea of the award and the criteria they are looking for as well as the sort of statements you require to help strengthen your nomination.
Then you need to check and recheck your letter, make sure there are no spelling mistakes or grammar errors and get it sent off. Then you just have to sit back and await the excitement when the glass award is given to your person of choice.