Are You Superstitious? Nearly Half of Sports Fans Are

Almost half of sports fans admit to being superstitious, according to a survey carried out by, with two in five engaging in rituals before a big game.

For any fan, seeing their team win a trophy is the dream – the memories and accompanying celebrations make enduring the not-so-good times worth it. Some of the more passionate supporters like to believe that they can influence events on the pitch by following superstitious rituals.

According to a survey of 2,000 fans, conducted by, nearly half admitted to being superstitious when it comes to supporting their team. This includes wearing a ‘lucky’ item of clothing, eating the same meal, and avoiding ‘unlucky’ friends and family!

Is There Something in it?

Did Harry Kane blast his penalty over the bar against France at the World Cup because Dave from Croydon didn’t wear his lucky boxers? Probably not, but of those who admitted to having a superstitious ritual, 91% said that they believed the outcome of an event has been impacted by it.

It isn’t just fans that follow superstitious rituals. Legendary players and athletes have also been known to have superstitions throughout their careers, including:

  • Michael Jordan – the NBA superstar wore his University of North Carolina shorts underneath his Chicago Bulls kit, winning six championships while doing so
  • Bjorn Borg – the Swedish tennis legend would always grow a beard before competing at Wimbledon, which he famously won for five consecutive years between 1976 and 1980
  • John Terry – the former Chelsea and England skipper admitted to having “around 50” superstitions, including listening to the same Usher CD in his car, parking in the same spot, and wrapping his sock tape exactly three times!

For an athlete, it is understandable that anything that puts their mind at ease, helping to get into the zone, and making them feel more confident is a good thing. So, what about a spectator? Someone that may only be watching on television, hundreds, or thousands of miles away from the event itself.

Sports brings out the great, good, and often downright weird in all of us…and that’s why we love it. If you genuinely feel that wearing that old shirt will be a difference, then go ahead and wear it!

The Top Sports Fans Superstitious Rituals

  1. Kissed the badge or emblem of your team
  2. Refused to wash for the duration of a tournament
  3. Sat in the same ‘lucky’ spot to watch from home
  4. Avoided watching the event with specific, ‘unlucky’ people
  5. Sat in the same ‘lucky’ seat when watching from the stadium/venue
  6. Refused to wash your ‘lucky’ item of clothing for the duration of the tournament
  7. Put on a specific sports shirt or jersey
  8. Put on a ‘lucky’ pair of socks
  9. Said a prayer
  10. Eaten the same pre-match meal
  11. Put on a lucky bet
  12. Watched the event with specific ‘lucky’ people
  13. Sang a specific chant
  14. Worn your lucky number
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