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Shouldn’t we treat NHS workers now?

Shouldn’t we treat NHS Workers needing minor operations NOW?

The government have cancelled all non urgent operations and I fully understand why. However, this includes NHS workers who we will need in the coming weeks. Some of these nurses and doctors require operations that are minor and are keeping these people from working and helping the sick.

Wouldn’t it make sense, where possible, to treat these people right now, before hospitals are possibly over run, if their recovery time will be short rather than delay their operations stopping them helping their colleagues in the coming weeks at this crucial time?

This isn’t an attack on the government as they have so many things to do and consider at this difficult time, it’s just a constructive suggestion.

Everyone please, Stay Safe!

Please share this anyway you can if you believe the government should at least consider this course of action now!

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How to Fix Glass Awards

If you have a treasured glass or crystal award that has been damaged, then all might not be lost! Many types of glass awards and trophies can be beautifully restored to their former glory.

Whether you are a child or an adult, there’s nothing that quite compares to that feeling of receiving an award or trophy for a job well done. It feels even better when it’s received for something that you really worked hard for. As a child, maybe it was for an achievement in that sport you practised for every single week for years. As an adult, maybe you received the award for the business you toiled over for decades and put your heart and soul into. An award or trophy means much more to its owner than can ever be displayed on the plaque. It is a representation of achievement, success and determination.

So if your glass award gets damaged, it’s usually really upsetting. An award bestowed upon you for one of your greatest life achievements is not a thing that can easily be replaced. Some people worry about having their awards made from glass, because of them getting broken. Historically, we’ve been trained to believe that glass is a weak and fragile material. Of course, when glass is thin – like the kind we drink from – this is often true. But glass awards are made of stronger stuff than that. A glass award is usually designed to be sturdy, and is made up of thick, strong glass. Despite their strength it’s not impossible for a chip, crack or other break to occur. So what do you do if your precious glass or crystal award has been damaged?

You need to seek out a glass restoration expert. In many cases, your award can be restored to its original beauty with any repair virtually invisible to the naked eye. One of the worst possible breaks that can happen is if your award is made solely from glass and the top has been separated from the base. Please do not attempt to glue these back together. No amount of super glue is going to hold. They’ll only separate again and probably cause more damage when they do. But a glass restoration expert will be able to use their years of glass craftsmanship to grind down the top and re-attach using museum quality adhesive. So you see, even the most devastating of breaks often has a solution. Which means that any minor cracks or chips are mere child’s play for these experts. Often all it takes is a small amount of specialist glass filler, some sanding and polishing.

Unfortunately, though glass repairs are possible – they are often costly. For some people it is very important to them to preserve their original award. It holds great meaning for them and they are prepared to pay the price for restoration. Other people will be happy to have a replacement award, which will almost always work out much cheaper. At Fen Regis, we are able to make all of our glass and crystal awards bespoke. So there is every possibility we would be able to re-create your original award exactly. If you’re able to provide us with photos of your award, or even come down to the shop and give us the damaged award to duplicate it would really help. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your requirements.

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Back to School Awards

When children are just starting back at school it can be pretty daunting so as a teacher why not consider awards for the students given on a monthly basis and then an overall winner at the end of each term or school year where a glass award is given? You may have a large number in your class but with our high quality, cheap glass awards you can award your whole class for their hard work.

You could give monthly certificates for All A’s or All A’s and B’s based on the grades the children in your class get throughout their lessons, this will encourage them to keep striving for those top grades so they can win the glass award at the end of the year.

You could also have monthly awards for different subjects, allowing children to win glass awards, even if they are not great educationally but better at sports, arts or drama for example. You could have Best Art Student, Best Drama Student and Best PE Student as well as many others.

There will often be students that show great improvement but they are still not the best students in the class for that subject however it is still important that these students are rewarded. This is where awards for ‘Most Improved’ come in, for example Most Improved Math Student, Most Improved Art Student, Most Improved Science Student and so on, this will show your student they have been noticed and it will encourage them to keep trying.
Teamwork and Friendship is really important, they aren’t really skills that are directly taught in the classroom but they are skills that can be learnt off each other. Have a Most Valuable Player award for those in a sports team that may not be great at sports but they are supportive of others in their team. Then have an award for a child that has shown excellent friendship, or ask for the pupils to choose someone in the class who has shown what a good friend they can be.

Do you remember any awards that you won in school? How did it make you feel when you were given a trophy or glass award as recognition for your hard work?

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The Most Popular Cheap Glass Award

The Most Popular Cheap Glass Award
The expert team of friendly and professional staff members here at Fen Regis Trophies have many years experience providing glass awards and trophies to clients across the UK in a wide range of industries, businesses, schools and events – but one of the most popular cheap glass awards over the years has been the Rectangle Glass Award.
The Rectangle Glass Award offers a classic shape and design that has always been a favourite among those organising corporate events – it is a very well made and weighty glass award that screams high quality but is actually an extremely cheap glass award, available from just £14 per glass award and the largest sized rectangle glass award is just £24.50 (with discounts available when you order more than one).
We feel that the Rectangle Glass Award is popular for a wide range of reasons but with lots of different clients ordering the rectangle glass award for different reasons, we couldn’t be sure of the main reason this award is so popular but we can definitely share with you a few benefits of the rectangle glass award that we feel makes it so popular.
As we have already mentioned, the shape, design and style of the glass award is typical of the corporate and business industry. It is a standard shape when it comes to glass awards and offers the large space that has plenty of available room for branding, a logo, the name of the award, a logo of the sponsor, the name of the winner and even the date that they won the award.
Another benefit of our Rectangle Glass Awards is that they are available in 5 different sizes, this means you can give awards to 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and finalists or if you have a tighter budget for the glass awards then you could opt for the smaller sizes?
Don’t forget we also offer free engraving on all glass awards and free delivery when you place an order of £100 or more, helping you save even more money when purchasing high quality glass awards for your next event.

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How To Improve Morale and Motivate Employees in 2017

How To Improve Morale and Motivate Employees in 2017
We all love to be recognised by others, especially when we have worked hard to achieve something. If you don’t believe me look at a child when they win a race on sports day, swim their first 10m or receive a glass sports award for another achievement – the pride on their face, and their parents really says it all!
Your employees will often be more than happy to go that extra mile for you and the business when overcoming a problem or meeting tight deadlines, but that is no reason not to recognise this extra effort that employees have put in. If the extra effort goes unnoticed employees will wonder why they both, recognise the employees and they’ll be motivated to go that extra mile again, because they know their hard work and effort won’t go unnoticed.
Thanking an employee and emphasising how much their effort has helped the business and is really appreciated will go a long way to increasing team morale and will motivate the individual employee and those around them as the team understand what a difference they can make to the success of the business.
A thank you is brilliant, but once aid it may be forgotten after a few days or even hours, so for those employees that have really gone above and beyond you need a thank-you that is more permanent and that is where our crystal glass awards come in. We have a wide selection of glass trophies, cheap glass awards and crystal glass awards that you can choose from which will work as a permanent reminder to the employee of how grateful you are of their effort.
Before giving out glass awards in your workplace you need to decide the types of behaviour you will be recognising and rewarding along with how the glass award will be given, will it be in a team meeting, a one to one meeting or in front of the whole workplace? You need to make these decisions at the beginning because this is the stepping stone to continuous morale boosting and staff motivation going forward.
If you need help choosing the right glass awards for your business and employees then just give us a call, we would be more than happy to help you with any queries you may have.

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Why Opt For Bevelled Edge Awards

Why Opt For Bevelled Edge Awards
Here at Fen Regis Trophies we sell a hundreds of glass trophies and awards every year, helping a wide range of clients, including sports clubs, businesses, industry experts, event organisers, schools and more, find the right glass awards that suit their needs and their budget.
One of our most popular glass awards is the Oval Cut Glass Award, this is a stunning glass award with a large area for engraving and personalisation, but what really sets it apart is the bevelled edge around the outside of the face of the Oval Cut Glass Award.
The bevelled edge on a glass award is often unusual in glass award designs which means it is an asset to the glass award that helps it stand out, it also gives an opportunity for natural lighting, indoor lighting or display cabinet lighting to catch the bevelled edges of the glass award creating a glass award that really sparkles and grabs attention, which is ideal under the lights of an award ceremony or corporate event.
As well as attracting more light and making the glass award sparkle, but in rooms or spaces where there is less light, the light will reflect off of the bevelled edges around the room, to really light up a room or space easily and with beauty. A bevelled edge glass award is also aesthetically pleasing, the slants catch and refract the lights and at certain angles this can create a rainbow effect through the prism that is created.
Due to the design and style of the bevelled edge on the Oval Cut Glass Award it will also look like this glass award is larger than other glass awards that are the same size because of the bevelled edges. These bevelled edges create a feeling of spaciousness and result in the illusion that the glass award is bigger – offering even better value for money on a glass award that is already classed as a cheap glass award!

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Easter School Awards

Easter School Awards
With Christmas behind us, Easter will soon be on its way and with it a mark of the end of the first term back at school. If you are the person in charge of sorting out the school glass awards for the end of the right term you have come to the right place. We have hundreds of trophies available so we are sure to have something to suit your tastes, needs and budget.
If you need awards for younger children, like nursery school glass awards then perhaps a glass dome paperweight could be what you are looking for, with the name of the award along with the date and the name of the award winner engraved in the base this is a fabulous glass award for your child’s bedroom or for the desk or glass cabinet of a proud parent that can be admired for years to come. There is also a large space for the logo of your nursery to be engraved, so it’s like a free bit of promotion too, especially when the parents and child proudly show off their glass award to friends, family and neighbours!
For primary school awards something like our Rectangle Glass Award is a popular option because it has a heavy base which results in a strong and sturdy glass award that the children will find an honour to behold. The rectangle glass award is also from our cheap glass award collection so you know you’re getting excellent value for money and the budget may allow for you to buy more glass awards than you previously thought you would be able to afford; and, like the glass paperweight award, there is plenty of space for the engraving of your choice along with a school logo or motto.
For older students, either at a secondary school or university we think that our Skye Cube Jade Glass Award is the perfect option. It is a stunning glass award that will be treated with care and admired for years to come. Due to the shape and design of this stunning glass award, the light reflects beautifully off the glass award and demands attention – which is exactly what you want from a glass award to recognise a school or university achievement, plus there is plenty of room for the school or university logo to be engraved on the glass award too.
If you need help choosing the right Easter School Awards then give us a call, we would be more than happy to help. Don’t forget we offer free engraving and delivery on all orders over £100 too!

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Employee Incentives That Will Really Work In 2017

Employee Incentives That Will Really Work In 2017
Incentives are a great way to improve employees’ performances in the workplace and can really help a business grow. Research by International Society for Performance Improvement found that incentive programs, when used right, can boost performance levels by 25% to 44% – but what employee incentives are right for your business?
Employee incentives tend to be broken into three categories; cash incentives, not cash incentives and recognition awards, in this blog post we will discuss all three options to help you decide on the best employee incentive that will work in your business for 2017.
Bonuses are a cash incentive that is very popular with many business owners as it can help increase production for individuals and teams; it is added to the salary of the employee so they will be taxed. The main downside of bonuses is that employees will soon start to see the bonus as their salary and therefore perhaps not feel recognised for the work and effort they have put in to gain this bonus.
Recognition Awards
Glass recognition awards are given to show an employee that their hard work has not gone unnoticed and you are grateful for the extra effort they have put in to meet chosen goals. The benefit of a recognition glass award is that it can be kept for months and years to come, working as a constant reminder that the employee has been recognised for their achievements while encouraging others to strive to win the award too.
Non-Cash Prizes
Business owners that offer their sales people commission only salaries will often consider non-cash prizes to encourage sales people to work harder to achieve targets and sell more products, these are often in the form of incentives for sales people that exceed quotas or sell the most chosen goods during a set amount of time. Again, the downside is that once the incentive is received it is often quickly forgotten about.

Now you have seen the three main types of employee incentives to motivate employees, which incentive do you think you will choose for 2017 for your workplace?

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Do You Use Employee Recognition Awards?

Do You Use Employee Recognition Awards?
We have noticed a recent rise in purchases of employee recognition glass awards for businesses. While some business owners have often thought of employee recognition awards to be a waste of money with very little return, or no return on investment there are some business owners that swear by their employee recognition glass awards.
In your workplace you will find that pretty much all of your employees work hard, there may be one or two you need to keep a closer eye on, but all in all your employees work hard for you and they are good at what they do.
But are there some employees that will always go that extra mile, that really excel in their accomplishments, make additional effort and can be relied on, whatever?
This may be an employee that pushed hard on a project, aim or goal and made sure it was completed successfully before schedule? Maybe someone has put in those extra hours to make sure that a computer system upgrade has been successfully accomplished and ran smoothly for others.
There will be at least one employee who exceeds expectations and does that little bit more, by publicly recognising them in front of their colleagues with an employee recognition glass award you will see some amazing effects in your business.
The pride the colleague has in themselves and your business will generate a positive wave through the workforce and their co-workers will be positively affected too, which will then encourage them to put in the extra effort too. The atmosphere in your office will quickly change for the better, creating a more positive atmosphere for everyone.
When you, as a business owner, leader or manager, publicly recognise a member of your team for a job well done and then follow on to commemorate their achievement with an employee recognition glass award your small investment will pay off big time!

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A Personalised Personal Glass Award

A Personalised Personal Glass Award
We all know that there is that one person in our lives who is a nightmare to buy a gift for; whether they are people that seem to have everything they want or need, they claim they don’t want anything or nothing you could buy them could show them how much you love and care for them. If you are in an endless struggle deciding what to get them then why not take a look at our Curved Glass Award.
Our Curved Glass Awards are an ideal way of telling the special person just how much you mean to them as there is loads of empty space for the engraving and personalisation of your choice. Plus, due to the curved shape of the glass award it also looks great on a mantelpiece, coffee table or in a glass cabinet with other treasured items.
Why not choose a logo of the receiver’s favourite hobby or sport or a symbol of love, such as a heart. If the personalised glass award is for a special occasion then you could choose a symbol for that occasion, such as the number or jewel that celebrates an anniversary, a year of birth or balloons for a birthday or wedding rings for a wedding gift?
The greatest thing about a personalised personal glass award is also the hardest thing about it, you can put whatever you want onto the glass award, whether these are words of love, a favourite quote or saying that the receiver always uses, a poem you have written or found online or just some words that will help you get across just how much the receiver means to you.
A personalised personal glass award like a curved glass award is a gift that will be treasured, cherished and loved for years to come, bringing a smile to all that set eyes on it – creating the perfect gift for the person, or people, that can sometimes be a nightmare to buy for.
If you’d like to know more about our personalised glass gifts then please do not hesitate to call our friendly, professional and knowledgeable team. We will be only too happy to help you.