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Awarding Children For Competitive Sports

Awarding Children For Competitive Sports
There is a lot of value to encouraging children to play competitive amateur sports, but there is also a lot of controversy around who should be presented with an award. Should every child receive a glass award for taking part in the sport, or should only the winner receive an award for the sport?
The benefits of children playing competitive sports is the health benefits and exercise they gain, but they will also learn about healthy competition, supporting each other, team work, self motivation, how to deal with losing and will gain an overall growth in their character so competitive sports for children can be a good thing – but who gets awarded?
If you were to give a glass award, like our Obelisk Glass Award to just the winner of the sport for example, then how would others feel? Would those that kept seeing the same person win an award start giving up and losing hope in themselves because they feel they can never win? Or would it inspire them to try harder and win an award like our stunning Obelisk Glass Award?
Alternatively you could give an award to everyone playing the competitive sport, but then you risk the best people not trying as hard as they know they will win a glass award anyway, but it would then encourage everyone to play because they know they will win an award. Plus, it needn’t cost the earth as we have a huge selection of cheap glass awards to help you keep costs low.
Personally, we feel that an award for the ‘winner’ is a great idea, and then separate awards for those that help each other, the person that tried the hardest, the person that has improved the most and such like work really well and sometimes these other awards will have more of a positive impact that the ‘winner’ glass award.
Which way of awarding do you think would work best for your children?