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Awards Effectively Motivate Pupils to Learn

It has been proven by education psychologists that rewards, recognition and awards works in terms of motivation and leads to successful learning outcomes and achievements for school aged pupils. This has been proven through theory, research and application with school aged pupils.
Everybody needs positive reinforcements and rewards, we may not all be consciously aware of it but reinforcement is nearly always the reason we continue to do many things that we do and that’s not just in children, it’s true in adults too. We all look for positive reinforcement to extend our motivation for the things we do but children are even more susceptible with the approach of recognition and awards. Approaches like this will often further enhance personally empowering sporting or academic success within the school and in the future.
Awards and rewards are a brilliant way of motivating students to learn and work just as well whether they are determined by peer, self or teach based assessments, as researched and proven by Dr Nellie Deutsch who has a doctorate in educational leadership, with specialisation in curriculum, technology and instruction.
The most traditional glass awards and trophies are given in schools is because of grades and results from grade-based evaluations and students are therefore rewarded for the knowledge they gain and remember through school. However there are other reasons glass awards can be given as students, especially for those that are not as academic but still try.
School glass awards and trophies can be given as Outstanding Attendance Awards, Excellent Behaviour Awards, Star Student Awards, Most Improvement Award, Friendliest Student Award, Class’ Favourite Awards and much more.
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