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Do Long Service Awards Matter?

Do Long Service Awards Matter? –
Long service awards are given to those employees within a business, an organisation or group for a long length of time. Long service awards used to be very popular but they seem to be lacking in popularity – is this because people are no longer joining a company and staying with them for many years as they progress in their role, instead jumping from job to job and company to company to achieve more from their career, or perhaps to chase the money and better job titles?
Alternatively it could just be that long service awards are becoming overlooked by business owners, without realising it business owners could be looking at those new members and making sure they stay, looking at those that bring in the most business and money, while spending time with those that are causing issues in the business or that are not yet up to standard. Meanwhile the staff that have been loyal to the company and stayed with them through thick and thin are left to the side, unnoticed as they continue working their hardest and doing their best for the sake of the company.
There is a sense of pride and accomplishment on receiving a glass award and those employees that have been loyal to your business deserve that feeling with a long service award. Although awards are designed for those that have worked hard or achieved amazing goals and targets, if those loyal employees that have stayed with you aren’t awarded they will feel like part of the furniture, unnoticed and under-appreciated.
Here at Fen Regis Trophies we feel that long service awards are even more valuable than they ever were before because it is no longer common to stay in a job and company for life, people switch jobs and companies much quicker and the sense of loyalty to a company is lost – so if you are lucky enough to have a loyal employee then they need a long service award and you need to do everything in your power to keep them, or they will go and be loyal to your competitor.
If you need help selecting a long service glass award then why not give our experienced and friendly team a call, we would be only too happy to help you find the exact long service glass award that you’re looking for.