End of Year Awards for Students

Awarding and recognising the efforts of your students should be an important part of your school, college or university’s year-round reward strategy, but it is especially significant at the end of the academic year.

The final days of the term present an opportunity for students (and teachers) to let their hair down a little and enjoy the fruits of their efforts. The hard work has been done with exams over and students are left waiting and wondering whether they have done enough to obtain their desired grades. This can be a stressful time for students, especially those in key year groups, as they cannot control this part of the process.

Awards and recognition for students at the end of the year not only give students something else to focus on, but it is an opportunity to recognise their efforts through the academic year – as well as their personality. Not all school awards must be purely based on academic achievement, with students’ interests and qualities equally recognised.

Whether you are planning an end of year assembly for primary school children or college students, here are some examples of awards for students that you can present to your learners.

Awards for Students

Active Student Award

Admirable Student

Adventurous Student

Affectionate Student

Agile Student

Always Eager

Always Excited

Always Gives Respect

Always Motivated

Always Patient

Always Positive

Amazing Skills Award

Apprehensive Student Award

Artist Award

Assignment Award

Astonishing Handwriting

Athlete of the Year

Attainment Award

Authority Award

Best Academic Student

Best Charmed Student

Best Critic Award

Best Scientist Award

Best Singer

Best Spokesperson

Blissful Student Award

Boastful Student

Bold Student

Bookworm Student 

Brilliant Thinker

Broadminded Student

Calculator of the School

Caring Student

Cautious Student Award

Certificate of Procurement

Classroom Management

Comical Student

Communication Award

Compassionate Student

Confident Student

Conservative Student

Cooperative Student

Courteous Student

Creative Artist

Creative Student Award

Cultured Student

Dazzling Student

Deafening Award

Discipline Student Award

Dynamic Award

Easy Going Student

Ecstatic Student Award

Excellence in Mapping

Exceptional Student Award

Extremely Gleeful

Fabolous Student Award

Fast Reader 

Flawless Student Award

Full Attendance Award

Future Astrologer 

Generous Student Award

Genuine Student

Gleaming Student Award

Good Dresser Award

Good Speaker Award

Gracious Student Award

Hardworking Student

Harmony Award

High Performance

History Bee Student

Honest Student

Humorous Student

Hushed Award

Imaginative Student

Immaculate Student

Impressive Effort Award

Improvement Award

Influencer Award

Initiative Award

Innovative Student

Intelligent Student Award

Internet lover

Inventory Student

Joker of the Class

Keen Student

Likeable Student Award

Luminous Student Award

Manner Award

Marvellous Student

Master of Maths

Masterful Student

Messy Student

Meticulous Student Award

Most Agreeable Student

Most Ambitious

Most Cheerful

Most Dedicated

Most Determined Student

Most Energetic Student

Most Focused Student

Most Observant Student

Most Persistent Student

Most Supportive

Mr/Mrs Perfect

Openminded Student

Optimistic Award

Organisation Award

Outstanding Speaker 

Passionate Award

Peaceful Student Award

Prankster of the Year

Problem Solver

Reading Star

Reliable Student

Respectful Award

Rock and Roll Award

Safe Hands Award

Science Expert

Selfless Student

Serene Student Award

Shiny Badge

Silent Student Award

Sincere Student

Social Media Bee

Softspoken Student Award

Spacious Award

Spectacular Reader

Speller Award

The Eccentric

The Entertainer

The Extraordinary Award 

The Hyperactive

The Magnificent Student

The Noble Student

The Thoughtful Student

The Tidy Student

The Wizard Award

Thoughtful Award

Truly Kindhearted

United Award

Wizard Of Writing 

Writing Bee Award

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