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Funny Employee Recognition Ideas

Traditional glass awards and trophies are a more traditional way of recognising employees, especially with glass awards for best customer service, most sales, best leadership skills and such like but isn’t there another way? Is there a way you could recognise employees in a slightly different way, a funnier way and a quirkier way? We think there might be;
How about a comedic award show where you reward employees for the hard work through a comedian? You can have gags and jokes throughout the award presentations and then on being given a glass award the receiver gets something else too, something to suit the award. How about the person that is chosen at most resilient for example, maybe a giant rubber band? The person that brings in the most sales could be given a piggy bank with their glass award and the person that always gets their work completed on time could be rewarded with a clock or stopwatch to go with their glass award.
Alternatively how about a whimsical recipe book? This could be given to everyone in your ‘Winning Team’ a recipe book. In the recipe book it will explain how parts of your business run but with the members of your team. If you have a perfect time keeper in your team then they would set the clock for the oven, you’d sprinkle in the kindness of Sarah and the patience of Tim to deal with awkward Mr Baggins and such like. This would then be given to everyone in the team, presented alongside a team glass award that can go in their office so they can take pride in the fact they have been noticed for their hard work.
We all know that sometimes things don’t come out quite as planned or a quote is misheard and then used at a later time. Use the ‘famous quotes’ by your team to have a giggle at the office party. You could have the engraved onto a glass trophy or glass award along with the name of the person that said the quote. This will lead to much hilarity and create a workspace in which people will have fun with each other and enjoy coming to work.
Can you think of any other funny employee recognition ideas? Maybe you have tried some yourself in the past?