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How to Fix Glass Awards

If you have a treasured glass award that has been damaged, whether that be through wear and tear as the years have gone by or as a result of an accident, then all might not be lost. Many types of glass awards and trophies can be restored to their former glory…and those that can’t can be replaced with a like-for-like replacement.

Whether you are a child or an adult, there’s nothing that quite compares to that feeling of receiving an award or trophy for a job well done. It feels even better when it’s received for something that you worked hard for.

As a child, maybe it was for an achievement in that sport you practised for every single week for years. As an adult, maybe you received the award for the business you toiled over for decades and put your heart and soul into. An award, trophy or glass plaque means much more to its owner than can ever be displayed on the plaque – It is a representation of achievement, success and determination.

Glass Trophy Repair

if your glass award gets damaged, it’s upsetting. An award bestowed upon you for one of your greatest life achievements is not a thing that can easily be replaced.

Some people worry about having their awards made from glass, because of them getting broken. Historically, we’ve been trained to believe that glass is a weak and fragile material. Of course, when glass is thin – like the kind we drink from – this is often true.

Glass awards are made of stronger stuff than that. A glass award is usually designed to be sturdy and is made up of thick, strong glass. Despite their strength, it’s not impossible for a chip, crack or another break to occur.

What do you do if your precious glass or crystal award has been damaged?

Seeking out the expertise of a glass restoration expert is one way that you can go. In many cases, your award can be restored to its original beauty with any repair virtually invisible to the naked eye.

One of the worst possible breaks that can happen is if your award is made solely from glass and the top has been separated from the base. Please do not attempt to glue these back together. No amount of super glue is going to hold. It will only separate again and probably cause more damage when they do.

A glass restoration expert will be able to use their years of glass craftsmanship to grind down the top and re-attach using museum-quality adhesive. However, this does come at a substantial cost and, unfortunately, repairs are not always possible – so what other options does that leave?

Replacing Glass Trophies

Replacing your glass trophy with a like-for-like replacement is the next best option, whether the damage is irreparable or the costs are simply too much. Here at Fen Regis Trophies, we stock a wide range of jade and crystal glass awards that we can customise to be a beautiful bespoke trophy tailored to your needs.

This means that we may be able to create a like-for-like replacement for your broken glass trophy. If you get in touch with a member of our team, sending pictures of the award and any other important details to us, we will be able to offer a solution recreating your cherished glass award.

You can also view our range of glass awards and trophies on our website to find a design that is either a like-for-like replacement or as close as possible to the original piece. Either way, our team will be more than happy to help where we can.

For some people, it is very important to preserve their original award. It holds great meaning for them and they are prepared to pay the price for the restoration. Other people will be happy to have a replacement award, which will almost always work out much cheaper. Contact us today and find out how the Fen Regis Trophies team can help.