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How To Make Your Employees Feel Important

How To Make Your Employees Feel Important
For a successful business it is essential that you show your employees how much they mean to you and how important they are to the business as a whole. Here at Fen Regis Trophies we understand that a raise or bonus is not always a potential option, and money also is always what people are motivated by, so we have put together some top ways that you can make your employees feel important and good about themselves.
As Richard Branson once said, the only thing worse that training your staff and having them leave is not training them and having them stay. Training your staff will obviously do wonderful things for your business, but your employees will appreciate the additional learning that is provided for them by the company they work for, especially when they can gain certificates for completing the training.
Friday Fun
Once again, either once a week or once a month, have some Friday Fun. Order in a pizza, take the team out for drinks after work or bring some fun games or karaoke into the office. This is not only great fun but it also helps your team bond and a team that get on will be more successful.
Small Gifts
For each year an employee has been with the company why not give them a small gift, something like a bunch of flowers, a bottle of wine, a soft toy or a trophy. Something that makes them feel noticed and remembered – it’s like a work birthday. The Queen has two birthdays so why can’t your employees?
Employee Awards
Why not consider an employee of the month award, or even an annual awards ceremony where those members of your team that have gone the extra mile or exceed expectations are noticed for doing so. Everyone likes to be recognised for their hard work and a glass award can do exactly that for you.
When you make your employees feel important and really part of the business you will notice an improvement in the products or service you offer, your team will go out of their way to make the business better and you will create a successful business for everyone.
How do you make your employees feel important?