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Improve the Performance of Your Company

It has been proven numerous times in multiple studies that presenting awards in the workplace is a brilliant way of motivating your staff and as many business owners will know, motivating and awarding your staff is crucial to achieving a successful business.
Kelly Hoppen, Business Woman and Interior Designer feels that employers should acknowledge the hard work of their staff members so they feel valued and motivated to succeed. Kelly added, in a recent interview, that you should never underestimate the power and value of actually telling people that they are “Bloody brilliant!” and Kelly feels that a perfect way of achieving this is through corporate awards and company awards.
If your staff members are the key to a successful and thriving business then why introduce staff corporate award schemes into your business?
End of year awards, monthly awards, corporate rewards and similar incentives will help to convince your work force that is they work effectively and achieve new and wonderful things for the business they will be awarded and recognised for doing so.
Some businesses decide to give out their business awards to members of the team at a Christmas Party and these glass awards will be engraved with the company logo with wording and dates of their choice. Other companies will opt to have more fun and organise something like an ‘Oscars Award Ceremony” where everyone gets to dress up in tuxedos and ball gowns and receives awards for a wide range of titles.
Small Business Expert, Darrell Zahorsky sums it up perfectly;
“Add to the financial benefits all the other advantages award winners enjoy such as enhanced reputation, increased trust, a higher profile and better staff moral and the question is: Can you afford not to be an award winner?”

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