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Long Service Awards For Employees

If you have a member of your team that has been with your business for a long length of time then it is highly recommended you recognise them for this time they have put into making your business the success it is today. A long service award can show the member of your team how much you care about them and how grateful you are for their hard work.
There are different options when it comes to long service awards, such as gifts cards or vouchers, electrical good, glass awards or trophies and clocks or watches.
Gift cards and vouchers are a nice idea as it means the receiver can then spend them on what they want, but they may end up spending it on someone else or something that is an everyday requirement and therefore won’t be treated as an award for their hard work with your company.
Electrical goods such as iPads, smart phones and such like a popular option too but maybe not something that everyone wants or sometimes something that people already have as mobile devices, electrical goods and technology products become more popular over the years.
Long service awards in the form of an actual award like a glass trophy or glass award are a really good idea; it is something prestigious that can be given publicly among the receiver’s colleagues and it can be admired for years to come. In our opinion a glass award is a real sign of recognition and thanks.
Similarly clocks are a popular gift for long service awards because they can be kept for years to come. Just like the glass award or trophy it can also be engraved with a company name, the receivers name and wording to explain the award.
Long service awards are a cornerstone of recognition within the workplace and your office and are a really good way of reinforcing the relationship between the employee and the employer. Why not have a look through our website and chose your long service recognition award now?