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Office Award Titles For Your Best Achievers

At the end of the year party or the office Christmas party it can be a great idea to hand out office awards to the best performers in your business. After much research we feel we have come up with the best awards you can give out to the achievers in your workplace as these are as follows;
Best Customer Service
This award is given to the member of your team that gives the best level of service to your customers. You may have seen them go that extra mile for a customer or perhaps their name is the name that always comes up in customer feedback for exceptional service. Richard Branson says that to create a great company don’t think about the customer, think about hiring great staff members and they will ensure you have customers. The staff members that are making your staff happy are the ones you need to reward and praise for their hard work. Why not consider a glass star award as they are the ‘stars’ of your business?
Most Valuable Team Member
These are given in sports and known as ‘Most Valuable Players’ but they are basically an award for the most valuable people in your work, the all-rounder’s that are always helping colleagues grow and improve while creating a better environment in the work place. These people may be doing out of the kindness of their own hearts and it will be an honour and surprise for all the work they have been doing to your company. Perhaps the handshake glass award could be the best one for them, to thank them for all their hard work?
Most Sales Award
The clue is in the name, this award is for the person in your team that always strives to get the most sales in and to keep your customers happy. This person may be a natural at closing deals and it may feel like sales may just fall on his or her lap but they need to be recognised for achieving the most sales. This will then encourage them to keep working so hard, but also encourage others to beat them. A good award for the receiver could be our heptagon glass trophy that looks sophisticated and elegant on any desk.
Most Positive Attitude
This award is for the person in your team that makes the office a better place, they have a positive spin on everything and they will often help others find that light at the end of the tunnel. This will often be the person that is bubbly and optimistic and shines no matter what. We feel the receiver of this award would appreciate the optic slice glass award with blue curve to help brighten their day as they do for other members of the team.
Which awards will you be giving out in your workplace this year?