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Organising A Golf Day?

Organising A Golf Day?
If you are in charge of planning a golf day or you have ever organised a golf day before you will be very aware that you need to reward the winner of the golf day with a prize in the form of a glass award or a sports trophy. Sounds dimple hey?
Well actually you’re going to need a few more awards, one for the winner, one for the runner up, maybe one for third place and then a wooden spoon style sports trophy or glass award too. Then there is also usually a sports trophy or glass award for the golfer that had the longest drive or came closest to the pin.
When it comes to organising a golf day, it isn’t just about rewarding the winner – there are lots of other golfers who will want to be recognised too.
Here at Fen Regis Trophies we have a selection of high quality, cheap glass awards to help make sure you don’t spend a small fortune on glass awards and sport trophies for those that didn’t win but still feel they are worthy of a reward.
For less than £11 you can have a great looking cheap glass award for those awards, of course giving someone £11 to say well done for playing a good game would mean nothing, but to receive a dazzling glass award that they can show off to all their friends, and looks like it costs a lot more than £11 will definitely be preferred to the cash.
By giving glass awards you are giving them something that doesn’t go in the back pocket and get forgotten about after a few drinks, instead a glass award or sporting trophy will help capture memories and pride for years to come, helping the receiver remember the wonderful golf days for years to come.
If you need help ordering sports trophies or glass awards for your golf day then give us a call, we would be happy to help you find the right award for your event.