Lincoln Nickel-Plated Cup NC2



The Lincoln nickel-plated cup takes pride of place amongst our premium range of trophies as it is crafted to an exceedingly high standard with a rounded wooden base. Each trophy cup comes with a nickel-plated plinth band intended for your annual engravings, where you can record the winners of your league, club or organisation’s prize.

As well as the band, the face of the cup can be engraved by our expert team detailing the award’s name and any other details you may wish to add. Our team have more than 40 years of experience in engraving awards and trophies, which means that you can rest assured that your nickel-plated trophy cup’s engraving will be finished to just as high a standard as the award itself.

Lincoln Nickel-Plated Cup

This nickel-plated trophy cup is available in six different sizes, meaning that you should have no issue finding the ideal award for your need. Whether you are searching for a new annual trophy or a one-off award, we are certain that you will agree that the Lincoln nickel-plated cup makes for the perfect solution.

The available sizes are:

Size One – 8.5” (21cm) tall

Size Two – 9.5” (24cm) tall

Size Three – 11” (27.5cm) tall

Size Four – 12” (30cm) tall

Size Five – 12.5” (32cm) tall

Size Six – 14.5” (37cm) tall

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Additional information

Award or Trophy size

8.5" with Engraved Wording, 8.5" with Engraved Logo and Wording, 9.5" with Engraved Wording, 9.5" with Engraved Logo and Wording, 11" with Engraved Wording, 11" with Engraved Logo and Wording, 12" with Engraved Wording, 12" with Engraved Logo and Wording, 12.5" with Engraved Wording, 12.5" with Engraved Logo and Wording, 14.5" with Engraved Wording, 14.5" with Engraved Logo and Wording


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