Georgian Silver-Plated Cup 446



The Georgian silver-plated cup is a fantastic piece and, such is its prestige and quality, comes with a lifetime warranty. This annual trophy is supplied with a black round base and a silver plated plinth band, where the names of your past and future winners can be recorded.

On the face of the cup is where an engraving detailing the name of your club, league or organisation can be placed, along with the name of the award and/or competition. All this comes together to create a beautiful trophy that is unique to you.

Georgian Silver-Plated Cup

Our in-house engraving team will make use of 40-plus years of experience in making sure that your trophy is finished to the highest possible standard. Here at Fen Regis Trophies, we pride ourselves on great customer service and satisfaction, meaning that you can rest assured when you buy this trophy cup from us. Please note that any engraving included in the price will be placed on the face of the trophy and annual engravings on the plinth band will be charged at an additional cost.

The available sizes are:

Size One – 8” (20cm) tall

Size Two – 9” (22.5cm) tall

Size Three – 11.5” (28.5cm) tall

Size Four – 14.5” (37cm) tall

Size Five – 17” (42.5cm) tall

Please get in contact with a member of our team today if you would like any more information on this product or any of the other awards and trophies available on our website.

Additional information

Award or Trophy size

8" with Engraved Wording, 8" with Engraved Logo and Wording, 9" with Engraved Wording, 9" with Engraved Logo and Wording, 11.5" with Engraved Wording, 11.5" with Engraved Logo and Wording, 14.5" with Engraved Wording, 14.5" with Engraved Logo and Wording, 17" with Engraved Wording, 17" with Engraved Logo and Wording


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