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Setting Up A Recognition Program For Your Business

Setting Up A Recognition Program For Your Business
As part of your recruitment planning a recognition program is definitely something you want to consider. Through a recognition program you will be able to attract and retain talent with ease because employees will understand what is expected of them and what they could receive if they achieve the goals of the business, but it can be tricky to set up a recognition program in your business, so we have put these steps together for you, to help you create a recognition program in your business;
• Firstly you will need to create an employee recognition committee, this group should be made up of employees from different departments and tiers within the business as it means that your employees will feel everyone and everyone’s ideas and included in the recognition program.
• Secondly this group of people need to identify the objectives of the recognition program, what should people win a glass award for? The simplest way to create these objectives is to look at the mission, vision and goals of the business and this will help to determine award categories easily.
• Now it’s time to look at the employees within the business, determine who is already meeting these requirements and who is going above and beyond, but also look out for those that would be worthy of long service awards and similar recognition in the form of a sparkling glass award.
• Now to decide how people will be chosen for the awards, will there be a list of nominations and how will people vote for those nominated, will it be private or public voting? Remember that if you are asking employees to nominate and choose winners you need to set tight deadlines and make sure those on holiday during that time are aware of the process.
• When awards are given make it public, maybe over a lunch break, on a Friday afternoon or in a special way that breaks up the day. Turn the award into a special day of recognition and remembers to send round a newsletter with a photo of the winner and maybe a few words about why they won the award, this will create a sense of desire to be the receiver of the glass award the next time.
Do you have a recognition program in your workplace?