Maxima Golden Ball Trophy TR15583



This tall golden football trophy is quite simply one of the most beautiful pieces in our collection. Measuring 13.25” tall, this trophy features a large 3D football, finished in gold, mounted on top of a stem finished in the same colour and mounted on top of a solid base bearing a metal engraving plate.

The engraving plate can be personalised by our in-house engraving team with any text of your choice, such as the name of the recipient and/or award. This trophy will make for a fine award to recognise your player of the year, or any other prestigious footballing achievement. Please note that this trophy does not include space for a centrepiece.

Maxima Golden Ball Trophy

Ranked as the number one trophy shop in the UK with Trustpilot, you can place an order with confidence. Such a significant trophy deserves to be finished to only the highest of standards, which is exactly what the Fen Regis Trophy team will ensure.

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