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What To Engrave On A Recognition Glass Award

What To Engrave On A Recognition Glass Award 

Glass Awards are great for recognition and can work really well, if done right. It is important that you don’t just give out glass awards and recognition awards for the sake of it, instead a glass recognition award should mean something to you and the receiver and really be a symbol that you have recognised something spectacular they have done, or when they have gone above and beyond what is expected.
It is essential that when you give a glass recognition award the receiver feels special, that they think the award is elegant and an honour to behold – and that is looks of high quality. Is there anything worse than giving someone an award and it breaks within 5 minutes? It just destroys everything that the recognition award means.

Here at Fen Regis Trophies we have a wide range of glass awards, crystal glass awards and cheap glass awards – all of which are perfect to be used as a recognition award in your business. Although some of our glass awards are cheap awards, it doesn’t mean we have budged on quality, it just means these are affordable glass awards that won’t break the bank. They may just be simpler glass awards than the crystal glass awards; it really is dependent on your budget.

Then you need to think about what to engrave and personalise your glass award with to make it a really special recognition award. Of course you can go for the standard title of “Recognition Award” below the engraved branding or logo on the glass award, with the name and date below, but does that feel personal too the receiver?

Instead why not consider going more personal, you could have the engraving we have already suggested, but why not add the personal or exact reason they have received the award? Some of our glass awards have a large engraving space so you can use this to its full potential, including a list of things they have done or one thing in particular, that has really stood out and shown them to go the extra mile.

It is also about how the recognition award is given, and we don’t just mean putting it in a elegant presentation box, but make a big deal of the recognition award, have staff join you to give the award while you tell everyone why this person has been given the award – the idea of the recognition award is to make the receiver feel recognised and special!