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Tips For Awarding In The Workplace

Giving glass awards and glass trophies in the workplace can be a great way to increase motivation and boost morale in the workplace; however it is important to develop and implement effective awards for your team while avoiding some of the worst mistakes you can make.
We have put together some top tips that will help give you a guideline for awarding staff in the workplace;
• Don’t reward the basics like turning up for work, instead have glass awards that need to be worked for, that need to be won and not just awarded by default. A glass award needs to be won for outstanding performance in the workplace, not just for turning up at work because that’s what they get paid for.

• It’s really important not to have glass awards that involve ‘chance’, if someone has done something that deserves recognition they shouldn’t then have their name put in a hat to see if they ‘might’ win the glass award. This can be a sure fire way to de-motivate your staff if someone who has done the basics wins the award by sheer good luck.

• When creating awards for your work place, make sure there is no way to play the system so people can win a glass award. If for example, you are giving an award for attendance you may notice attendance dropping so it can go up the next month to win the glass award. If one person cheats the system the rest will follow and overall morale will drop.

• Have a think about what is important to your staff, it might not always by money instead it may be a Saturday off, a meal for two at a local restaurant or cream cakes on the lunch break. Providing an additional gift or incentive alongside a glass award or trophy can be a really nice way to make the receiver feel extra special.

• When it’s time to announce the award winner don’t just slide a glass award across the table quietly, instead make a big deal of it. Have a glass award that they can keep forever, or until the next month when it’s handed to the next employee. Recognition by peers means so much to your workforce, so go big and get the team celebrating their win with them.

If you’re not sure about the best glass award or trophy for your team then give us a call, we’re always happy to offer advice or guidance.