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Ways To Motivate Your Workforce With Awards

As many managers know, it can sometimes be very hard to find ways of enhancing motivation in the workplace however when you are armed with the right information and the proper techniques, increasing employee motivation using rewards such as glass trophies and glass awards can easy. We’ve put together some tips and guidelines for you, so you can motivate your workforce with awards and rewards to create a more motivated and productive workforce.
Firstly, when developing and implementing an awards program make sure you have the involvement of your workforce. They know what they want and what will motivate them and it could be different to what you think. You also need to speak with your workforce to make sure that they see the rewards as worth the effort.
It’s important that employees understand how to earn the awards and what is expected of them, this can be supported by reasonable and transparent performance standards for the glass awards. It may be worth creating a board or clearly viewed database showing how close employees are to gaining awards or rewards. When employees can see how awards are given they will think it seems fairer and this will increase their motivation to achieve the performance results you desire.
Aim to link or glass awards to performance; for an award to have the most impact on your workforce the glass awards need to be distributed consistently according to policies that the workforce have created with you. It is essential that you do not cut corners or engage in favouritism as this will be hugely detrimental.
Consider giving glass awards for smaller milestones as well as when larger goals are met because this will help encourage the good progress to continue and their behaviour will be consistent with company expectations.
Teamwork and co-operation is really important in the work place so they and encourage this as well as offering awards that support this as it will encourage this good behaviour to continue. You may be tempted to stop rewarding top performers but this could be a fatal flaw, if they are still doing a great job you need to reward their excellent performance or this will stop.
Why not call our team of glass award specialists now to help you decide on the best glass awards for your team, we can even offer guidance on how you can make the glass awards personalised and bespoke so they’ll be treasured in pride of place for years to come.