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Why Give Awards?

Of course you are reading this blog post because you have come to our website to choose a glass award or trophy for an awards ceremony, a business awards event or for someone that has gone above and beyond what is expecting of them. However, you may be wondering why you should give an award and if so then this is the blog post for you.
There are lots of different things that motivate employees, students, teams and individuals. These could be things like financial gains, power, achievement of their dreams, ambition to succeed, the opportunity to advance, the ability to contribute and so much more. However the main reason glass awards and trophies are given is another major factor in the motivating of employees and this is the power of recognition.
It has been proven that employees that feel good about their abilities, what they can do and their contributions to the company, their team or the community as a whole will be more likely to be happier, more content and motivated people. When these people are noticed, then recognised and then awarded for their efforts they will want to continue in their desire to excel or succeed.
A glass award or glass trophy can be a great way of recognising a person, not only does it tell them that what they have done has been noticed but it also gives them a permanent reminder in the form of the award or trophy to show them how much they are appreciated for what they have done.
Many businesses and sports teams give out glass awards or trophies because they understand the importance of retaining good sports players, hard working employees or reliable personnel. Companies all over the world invest huge amounts of money in the time and resources of training their team to make them the best that they can possibly be, just to have them leave to go to a company where they feel more appreciated or have better opportunities.
The small cost of a trophy or an award being presented to this person in your team does not even compare to the huge amount of money you would lose when the person leaves your team and you have to start again with a new team member.
Why are you giving awards?